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Prevail's Founders

Brad Lawing, Heather Heckadon, Kerry Lawing (CEO), Marcia Vander Wal, Andrew Stafford


Kerry Lawing


After 30-plus years owning and operating Lawing Financial, Kerry Lawing suddenly had the unique opportunity to hit reset. In 2017, Kerry sold Lawing Financial – the company he founded in 1985 and grew to over $5 Billion in assets under advisement. He built a close-knit team, with the vision of disrupting an age-old industry, and founded Prevail Innovative Wealth Strategies. Kerry believes the financial industry is broken and that there is a better solution than the traditional advice advisors typically offer. He is driven by impacting the lives of those around him; dedicating himself to growing people, advisors and businesses. Exceptionalism is his passion and Kerry has a history of delivering on that expectation.

Andrew Stafford

AIF® Accredited Investment Fiduciary

Andrew Stafford, President

In 2013, Andrew built an Advisory practice from the ground up at Lawing Financial. He transitioned his skillset to the Chief Operating Officer after three years. After the sale of Lawing Financial, Andrew joined Kerry Lawing and team in forming Prevail Innovative Wealth Strategies. Prevail leverages Andrew’s experience as an “industry outsider” to challenge the financial services industry status quo. As President of Prevail, he brings a unique combination of understanding advisor challenges while delivering an ecosystem that exceeds client expectations and financially transforms client’s outlook.

Heather Heckadon

Vice President
 - Chartered Life Underwriter
AIF® Accredited Investment Fiduciary

Heather is a founding partner and Vice President of Prevail Strategies. With over 20 years of experience, she lives and breathes the importance of family. She specializes in out-of-the-box strategies to transition clients from investments based on traditional financial theory to a plan that creates wealth, provides a tax-free asset for income, and delivers a lasting family legacy. She is one of the primary architects of Prevail’s core strategies, is an award-winning perennial industry leader, and has obtained her Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). Heather strives to educate clients and business owners on diversification, risk protection strategies, and how to innovate the process in which Prevail engages clients. Heather calls Village of Loch Lloyd, MO home and spends most of her free time playing golf. Her love of the outdoors passed on to her son, Caden, who moved to Wyoming to become a hunting and fishing guide.

Brad Lawing

Vice President
CPWA® - Certified Private Wealth Advisor
AIF® Accredited Investment Fiduciary

As one of the founding partners of Prevail Strategies, LLC, Brad serves as Vice President. Brad works with business owners, executives, and high-net-worth families to help determine their financial goals and help get them where they want to be. He believes that having a road map to financial success is a key component of knowing where to go. He enjoys helping his clients define their plan and challenge conventional wisdom in regards to finances and tax diversification. Serving in the financial services industry since 2006, Brad has helped numerous business owners and executives to deeply understand their financial situation, maximizing their success and ability to control their own financial future. He is a Certified Private Wealth Advisor® and has also served on multiple non-profit boards in various roles.

Craig Gordon

Vice President
CLU® - Chartered Life Underwriter
WMCP® - Wealth Management Certified
AIF® Accredited Investment FiduciaryProfessional

As a fourth-generation financial services professional, Craig Gordon’s family history instilled a passion for the importance properly designed financial plans can provide individuals and families. Craig has a passion for delivering strategies that solve problems, add value, and become impactful in the financial outcomes of the clients he serves. As Vice President at Prevail, Craig is a part of the executive leadership group with a rich history in financial services, a shareholder in Prevail Real Estate Opportunities division, a key member of Prevail’s Investment Advisory Committee and a leadership role to Prevail’s Private Client Group. Craig’s objective for the clients he works for is to help establish plans that create, leverage, and protect wealth.  

Marcia Vander Wal

Director of Operations

Marcia has worked with Kerry Lawing for over 18 years, her duty as director of operations is to oversee daily ongoings in the office and optimize the processes.

Bryan Farwell

Director: CRB (Corporate Retirement Benefits)
PPC® - Professional Plan Consultant
AIF® Accredited Investment Fiduciary

Bryan leads our company’s Private Client Group (PCG). A division within the organization focused on serving the unique needs of the affluent, business owners and high-net-worth families. The Private Client Group custom designs a “Financial Board of Directors” team around our client specific needs. We focus on leveraging the organizations custom investment strategies, asset protection and tax-efficient wealth creation solutions, while offering a commitment and structure to our clients across the country. He is also a  PPC® Professional Plan Consultant.

Prevail Team


Adam Doran

Brett Nelson
 CLU®- Chartered Life Underwriter

Jordan Chapman
 AIF® Accredited Investment Fiduciary

Jonathan Staton
JD® - Juris Doctor, CFA® - Chartered Financial Analyst,
CFP® - Certified Financial Planner

Dale Vorester

Heather Graves

Norman Craig

Jeanna Suchsland

Paul Andres

Stephen Underwood

Randy Bratton
 CLU®- Chartered Life Underwriter 
AIF® - Accredited Investment Fiduciary

Roger Irie

Neil Blalock

Hillary Leano

Thomas Wright

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