Team of

Your financial board of directors

Your financial board of directors

Instead of a traditional wealth manager who is simply focused on your wealth management, Prevail assigns a team of experts who plan for the entire financial life cycle to each of our clients. Our CPAs, insurance brokers, investment managers, estate planners, and strategists work together—rather than in traditional silos—so that we always consider the most complete picture of our client’s wealth portfolios.

No one area can operate in a bubble because so much of your total financial picture is intertwined. Through our processes and our technology, our eyes are constantly looking forward to the future so that we can better evaluate the impact of our decisions today on tomorrow’s outcomes.


Sales mentality



Present tax minimization

One advisor

Set it and forget it

Invest in funds using traditional asset allocation

Traditional approach to risk tolerance based on strategy designed for the masses

Separate departments managing portions of your finances (e.g., CPA, insurance broker, estate planner)

Personal and business assets considered separately

Guidance based on past, historical views

Generic, scalable, inefficient real estate funds


Client-advocacy mentality-focus on intentionality

Creation and preservation

Entire financial life cycle

Tax minimization or elimination over lifetime

Team of specialist for every client

Active, ongoing management/continous analysis

Invest in specific stocks + non-correlated asset classes

Strategic approach customized for each client based on risk tolerance, diversification, and volatility

One, integrated and customized team that work together to help you best create and preserver your wealth

Personal and business assets strategically planned together

Forward-looking guidance based on ongoing analysis

Off-market, sector-specific, direct-ownership real estate

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Forget passive. Forget aggressive. Be smart.

Is this passive approach to your financial future good enough? After 30 years in the wealth management business, we decided the answer was an emphatic “NO!” It’s not good enough for us. It’s not good enough for our clients.

By not accounting for taxes, market volatility, or the other uncontrollable factors we all face, you can end up leaving your financial futures to chance. It’s time to stop accepting the status quo from a wealth advisor who uses an “off-the-shelf,”” tried-and-true,” “set it and forget it” approach.

The “strategy” of riding out the ups and downs of the market isn’t a strategy at all. Although in some cases, it can provide a sense of safety from growth over time, it’s still a passive approach. But when it comes to building wealth, is PASSIVE enough? With this type of approach, you’re paying someone to “check in” on your money…on occasion. Doesn’t it seem like a smarter move to partner with a team that is proactively analyzing opportunities in the market and actively buy and sell the same way they do with their own money?

You Have Risk Management Questions

We Have Some Answers

We Make Financial Planning Stress-Free!

Our Team-Based Approach is Comprehensive & Easy


Learn About You

Your Vision
Your Objectives
Your Opportunities
Your Challenges
Your Entire Picture (ie. Business & personal)


Develop Custom Strategies

Based on your unique situation
Leverage our team of experts
Establish wealth creating strategies
Determine ideal source of asset transfer


Build Wealth

Agree on and implement strategies
Establish tracking tools
Communicate regularly
Support you with a financial BOD

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